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10/15/2018 20:35In the Crimea, staged a crackdown on Ukrainian women. Video    ( The Bobr Times )
The newspaper reminds that on 11 October, concerned mothers, including a Brewer, met with the so-called “mayor” of Armyansk, which was not able ...
10/14/2018 14:45Residents of Armyansk report on new emissions on Crimean Tytan    ( 112 International (blog) )
The residents of Armyansk on the Crimean Peninsula annexed by Russia once more complain about air pollution in the area of “Crimean Tytan”, ...
10/13/2018 04:40New emission of toxic chemicals in Crimea    ( 112 International (blog) )
The citizens of Armyansk, occupied Crimea, complain about new chemical emissions to the atmosphere Local resident Kateryna Pyvovar told the ...
10/11/2018 18:30New chemical leaks reported in Russian-occupied Crimea    ( UNIAN )
Residents of Armyansk say that this is not the first incident after the state of emergency had been cancelled. Social network users also report new ...
10/11/2018 Citizens of Crimean Armyansk report on new chemical emissions    (112 International (blog))
Citizens of Crimean Armyansk report on new chemical emissions - 112 International (blog)
10/09/2018 02:41“Nibiru will invade Russia”: the Precursors of an attack is visible in catastrophes and cataclysms ...    ( The Koz Telegram )
The tragedy in the shopping center “Winter cherry”, the release in Armyansk, the fall of aircraft, a large-scale accident, the awakening of Shiveluch, the ...
10/09/2018 02:31Toxic pollution in Crimea: Kiev and Moscow stuck in blame game    ( FRANCE 24 )
In this edition we head to Crimea, the Ukrainian region annexed by Russia in 2014. In recent weeks northern parts of the peninsula - along with some ...
09/27/2018 18:10Chemical emissions in the Crimea: Children get sick in the air again heard strange smells (PHOTOS)    ( The Siver Post )
Residents of Armyansk, which is already about a month are in a hotbed of environmental disaster, again complain of health problems, strange smells, ...
09/22/2018 09:20Ukraine's Ministry offers to impose sanctions against six chemical companies for work in Crimea    ( 112 International (blog) )
The ministry reminded that "Titan investments" company is a producer o the chemical products in Crimean Armyansk has already faced the sanctions.
09/19/2018 10:20Crimea residents still suffer from chemical leaks, report death of animals    (The Siver Post)
Chemical emissions in the Crimea: Pets die in agony - The Siver Post
09/18/2018 00:20Halya Coynash: Factory behind Crimea chemical disaster in Armyansk demands Russia ...    ( Kyiv Post )
Armyansk, in northern Crimea, is suffocating from new toxic emissions and the Russian occupation authorities have finally announced that a state of ...
09/17/2018 03:50Toxic Crimea. Who to blame and what to do with the 'acid Chernobyl' in Armyansk?    (UNIAN)
New chemical leaks reported in Crimea's north because of local emergency service's "recklessness" - UNIAN
09/15/2018 22:10Deputy Minister Hrymchak: Projectile hit at Crimean Titan "most probable" version given ...    ( UNIAN-Economy )
What happened at Crimean Titan in the occupied Crimea's Armyansk, where a hazardous release of toxic sulfurous anhydride was spotted?
09/15/2018 Emergency regime introduced in Armyansk due to chemical emissions    ( Kyiv Post )
Emergency regime introduced in Armyansk due to the emission of chemicals at “Tytan†factory in Crimea. “Deputy Chief of the General ...
09/15/2018 07:30Crimean Titan factory illegally pumps water from Kherson region free of charge    ( 112 International (blog) )
An unknown substance was discharged in the air in Armyansk, North Crimea. A greasy mud with a yellow shade appeared on metallic objects, roofs ...
09/15/2018 07:304000 Children Flee Pollution Disaster on Ukraine-Crimea Border    ( )
Armyansk, a city on the Russian-controlled side with a population of about 22,000, was an eerie ghost town when Abdureshyt Dzepparov drove ...
09/15/2018 07:30Chemical emissions in Crimea: Emergency regime introduced in Armyansk    ( 112 International (blog) )
Emergency regime introduced in Armyansk due to the emission of chemicals at “Titan” factory in Crimea. “Deputy Chief of the General Directorate ...
09/15/2018 07:30UNIAN: Another 'acid leak' reportedly hits Armyansk in Russian-annexed Crimea    ( Kyiv Post )
Another “acid leak” reportedly hit the town of Armyansk in Russian-annexed Crimea on Sept. 13. “At these moments, Armyansk and its outskirts have ...
09/14/2018 05:50Mysterious: City in Crimea has no birds    ( )
Armyansk, a city on the Russian-occupied Crimea Peninsula, has been left without any kind of birds after a mysterious chemical incident at the nearby ...
09/13/2018 00:20Chemical emission in Crimea: Ukraine prepares appeal to OPCW    ( 112 International (blog) )
He added that in the absence of adequate evidence, Russia justifies the current situation in Armyansk by the absence of water supply to Crimea.


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